Production & Quality

EngineeringCustomer Focus on Engineering

With over 40 years of experience in engineering, design and manufacturing of industrial fans, Cerciller produces both custom fan designs and pre-engineered fans around specific application requirements.

Energy efficiency based calculation methods and low power consuming fan designs constitute the basic logic of Cerciller Fan Engineering.

CAD / CAM computer programs are used in manufacturing processes.

For fan design, a specificially developed fan calculation and sizing software by Cerciller (based on Visual Basic) is used. Thanks to this special software, the desired flow – pressure values of the fan are entered into the program and then all production dimensions of the fan are calculated by the program. Then, two – dimensional model of the fan is automatically drawn in AutoCad environment.

Precision Production with Automated Machines

In our facilities, we perform laser and CNC cutting operations with below capabilities:

Material Laser Cutting Size CNC Cutting Size
Steel 20 mm max 150 mm max
Stainless Steel 16 mm max 30 mm max
Aluminium 12 mm max
Max operational length and width
Cutting width 3.000 mm max
Cutting length 7.000 mm max

Plate and Material Forming Processes

We provide below services with the mentioned standards:

Profile steel flanges Diameter Size
Flat band, easy way min Ø350 mm

max Ø2.000 mm

min 30 mm x 5 mm

max 150 mm x 120 mm

Solid square minØ350 mm

max Ø7.700 mm

min 20 mm x 20 mm

max 150 mm x 150 mm

Channel toe out, easy way minØ900 mm

max Ø10.000 mm

min NPU 50 max NPU 250
NPI, easy way minØ700 mm

max Ø5.500 mm

min NPI 80 max NPI 200
Edge bending Up to 10 mm sheet thickness and max. 3.000 mm lengh


You may find our CNC lathe capabilities below:

Chipping with center lathe up to Ø830 mm max 6.000 mm lenght
CNC lathe up to Ø550 mm max 1.000 mm lenght
CNC milling machine 720 mm x 350 mm x 150 mm
CNC boring-and-turning mill Up to max. Ø3.300 mm, 15.000 kg weight 2.200 mm lenght, with 0,01 mm accuracy of manufacture, turning, milling, sharpening, positional boring (IT6)

Where the quality starts

As Cerciller, we apply below welding types to complete our products in order to reach our proven quality:

  • Electrode Welding (Stick Welding)
  • Inert Gas Welding
  • Cored Wire Arc Welding

Upon customer request, we can run weld test with ultrasound and X-ray.

Heat Treatment
Stress Relieving Heat Treatment Process

Upon customer request, we can also provide stress relieving heat treatments with below standards:

  • 100 tons loading capacity and heat treatment processes up to 750°C
  • 20 tons loading capacity and heat treatment processes up to 950°C
  • 15 tons loading capacity and heat treatment processes up to 1.000°C

Dynamic Balancing

All balancing operations in our company are carried out in computer controlled machines in accordance with ISO 1940 norms and we can do balancing up to Ø2.100 mm and 3.000 kg weight maximum.

Assembly & Paint

After completing the production processes, next step is assembling of the fan parts before paint process.

As Cerciller, we use the latest technology in fan paints and coatings.
We perform below surface treatments to minimize the corrosive effects in accordance with customer request:

  • Galvanization
  • Sandblasting
  • Chemical surface treatments
  • Special paint processes

Quality Control
Reliability and Quality

Below mentinoned tests are applied to all our fans before shipment.

  • Balance test
  • Operating noise test
  • Flow rate – pressure capacity measurements
  • Motor electrical power test

Hassle – free Logistics Solutions

As Cerciller, we are stick to the lead times we announced to our customers.

We are able to respond quickly and deliver products internationally via sea, air or express by working with reputable logistics companies in Turkey.

We offer different packing options (carton, plywood case, or waterproof cloth) in accordance with our customer’s request.


All production and management processes are carried out in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 quality standards. All of our products hold CE certificates.