Contract Manufacturing

As Cerciller Industrial Fans Ltd, we also serve our customers as contract manufacturing based with our expertise and experience since 1975.

In our facilities, we can produce wide range of products such as centrifugal fans, axial fans, roof fans, ventilation units, and pneumatic trim removal fans with your own design, own brands, and technical specifications by respecting the requested quality level.

We are assertive to reduce your production cost with our expertise, productivity, and our own country-specific advantages.

We make the delivery within the determined timeline.

Our manufacturing capacity can be found below:

  • Axial Fans – 650 pcs / year *
  • Roof Fans – 650 pcs / year *
  • Centrifugal Fans – 600 pcs / year *
  • Ventilation Units – 450 pcs / year *
  • Pneumatic Trim Removal Fans  – 360 pcs / year *


Why contract manufacturing with Cerciller?

  • You can lower your manufacturing cost with us thanks to our expertise and productivity works proved in the industry for the last 40 years.
  • Your company can reduce personnel need in production thanks to our reasonable labor costs, low tax rates, and governmental incentives of Turkey.
  • Your firm does not need to make investments in machinery for production.
  • Your company stays on its strengths and can focus on sales and marketing activities of the said products instead of production. This gives your firm several opportunities to increase the sales revenues.
  • We are able to offer wide product portfolio so we can meet your expectation in terms of product variety.
  • We also provide engineering services in dust collection, filtrations, industrial ventilation systems and pneumatic handling conveying systems.
  • We are very sensitive at timely delivery of products.
  • Our special design fans are produced with low motor power and they reach to 84% in energy efficiency.
  • We respect your intellectual properties, patents, special designs, brand identity, and company secrets and we assure your company against fraudulent behaviours  by signing a legal contract.

* Above figures show annual approximate production capacity of the same-item-manufacturing during a year for mid-size fans…